To make a Web project a success, you can call upon several specialists: Web designer, graphic designer, developer…

Web development

It is about putting content online to reach readers, like the example of WHISKY DEGUSTATION.


Graphic design and web design are used for the design of institutional, community websites…

Natural referencing

Natural referencing allows a website to be permanently referenced on search engines.

Web marketing

A successful digital communication will require a specific strategy and an action plan.

Web agency

Why entrusting your web projects
to our web agency?

Using a web agency to create a website allows you to have a professional opinion before starting the digital project. These agencies design a complete professional portal, useful for business managers and Internet users.

Consulting & strategy

Technical & creative know-how

A web agency boosts a company’s turnover thanks to certain concepts: creation, know-how and innovation. People interested in the profession of Webdesigner must show sensitivity and graphic creativity, master the design, know how to manipulate a graphic design software and image retouching…

Using a web designer, the expert helps his client to find a balance between ergonomics and aesthetics. Graphic creativity is one of the Webdesigner’s indispensable skills. To convey messages, he arranges harmonious and relevant graphic elements, which is the case of the Mes Papilles En Folie website..

Website creation

We accompany you on all web technologies

The intervention of a digital communication agency makes it possible to carry out a tailor-made digital project, such as Saveurs De Fermes. Experts accompany clients in the creation of Internet portals, professional hosting, development of mobile and web applications…

Website redesign

Understanding the redesign of a website

Graphic charter update

Updating a website’s graphic charter allows you to modify the key elements of the brand’s visual identity.

Submitting a new map

To manage a website map, you will have to determine the pages you want to send to Google and the canonical version of the pages.

Redirection of old URLs

In order not to degrade the natural referencing of a website, it is preferable to choose the right URL redirection technique.

Let's develop a relevant webmarketing strategy!

Self-entrepreneurs who wish to generate qualified leads will have to create a successful webmarketing strategy. By developing a winning web marketing strategy, entrepreneurs boost their company’s turnover.

Content marketing
In order to reach their prospects, business owners differentiate themselves from the competition by using relevant content marketing. This technique, which is at the heart of the marketing strategy, represents a real opportunity for companies to boost their notoriety, create value and gain qualified traffic.

Comunity management refers to the management of an organization's or brand's presence in community spaces such as social networks. This activity manages the company's e-reputation, establishes a dialogue between prospects and customers, promotes a brand, events and offers...

E-mailing represents the sending of promotional e-mails to several contacts for the purpose of loyalty building, prospecting or just for information. Thus, e-mailing campaigns represent a form of direct marketing. In order to exploit the potential of your campaigns and to carry out a quality promotion, there are several steps to take.

The advertising campaign can be carried out through media supports such as radio, television, Internet or the written press. The objective of these operations is to inform a large audience by using a high speed of diffusion. To do this, the campaign must be carried out through the mass media.

Web interface

Webdesign at the service of your brand image

Functional design

Emotional design

Responsive design

Let's improve the visibility of your website!